Welcome to Llantrisant Ghost Walk, the widely acclaimed tour of an ancient hilltop town filled with stories of its grisly past.

From witches and spirits to murders and plagues, our journey will bewilder and terrify as you walk the historic streets and hear blood-curdling stories of the past.

Learn of soldiers slaughtered in the ruined castle tower and how the troubled souls of executed criminals haunt the site.

Walk the cobbled streets and find out more about Llantrisant’s original pagan site of worship, the druids, witchcraft and blood drenched altar stones.

Then learn about the coming of the Black Death, the epidemics, the foul stench of the streets and the ghostly apparitions of lost children looking for their plague-victim parents.

Hear stories of haunted homes, public houses and shops before reaching the former Workhouse where you may catch a glimpse of its ghostly warden whose rattling keys and footsteps can still be heard from the upper rooms.

Then take a journey to one of the most haunted landmarks in the town, its medieval Guildhall where the cells were discovered, along with a presence that defies belief.

Researched and designed by historical author walks combine the weirdest stories, wickedest humour and wildest history.


“Last year I spent Halloween in Salem and did a tour there. This was on par with that! Wonderful and learnt so much.”