Death surrounded inhabitants of this ancient town as much as the air that they breathed. Infections, overcrowding and filthy homes took the lives of those who lived in squalor.

Age-old tales of pagan sacrifice, druids and witchcraft created harrowing nightmares to turn the blood cold.

The spirits of those whose lives were snatched so violently continue to ensure their gruesome presence is felt in the low-lit cobbled streets of Llantrisant and the dark corners of its historic buildings and landmarks.

The paranormal activities in the local pubs are renowned as are the terrifying tales of murdered landlords whose skeletal remains were found bricked behind the wall of the parlour.

Let’s not forget the pale face girl who looks down on the Bull Ring through a shop window, searching for other lost souls to join her.

Smell the tobacco from the clay pipe of a dead preacher found in the cellar of a house, his neck snapped like a twig.

Hear of executed criminals whose spirits groan from the public gallows, the eccentric druid who burnt his son on the mountaintop, the baby’s remains found in the attic of a pub.

The stories of Llantrisant’s dark history are harrowing – and fascinating.

“If you’re debating whether or not to this event, I can heartedly recommend that you do. My family & I attended on Monday evening and we all had a great time. Brilliant tour guide, perfect length of time for those with kids!”