Age-old tales of pagan sacrifice, druids and witchcraft created harrowing nightmares to turn the blood cold. Llantrisant’s pagan past is revealed through stories of death and blood drenched altar stones.

The mythology and sorcery of the dark ages is explored as you wander through darkened pathways that have been trod for centuries.

Learn about the spirit of Annie Stryd Fawr, the witch whose fire-ravaged face tormented a town for generations after she fell into her own fireplace while creating a spell.

The seances where fanatics desperate for messages from the dead gathered at late-night venues and the coven of witches that existed in the town for generations.

Long before the hilltop accepted Christianity, the pagan faith of the population was embroiled in worship to the gods, temples to the bards and customs lost in the mists of time.

Over a thousand years later and the heresies of the past were resurrected with the coming of the infamous Archduid of Wales, Dr William Price, who terrified the Victorian town as he burnt his only son’s corpse at a hilltop ceremony one wintry night.

“We have been on several ghost walks of London, Edinburgh and York but Llantrisant is the most haunted of all – and Dean is the best storyteller without doubt.”